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Q  Are you going to change my current coolant?
A  No, we recycle your current coolant using a high speed disc bowl centrifuge.
    However, we are certified coolant specialists. If you are having difficulty with
    your current coolant we can make a recommendation. We can also clean a machine for a coolant trial at no cost.

Q  How long does it take to clean a machine?
A  It usually takes two to three hours to clean an average CNC machine with less than one hundred gallons of coolant.
    We do all of our work during off hours to minimize machine down time and production loss.

Q  Why should I pay someone else to clean my machines when I am trying to cut costs?
A  Our service is designed to save you money. If you are disposing your coolant
    or cutting oil, we can cut your concentrate purchases up to 50% by eliminating
    disposal of your used coolant.

Q  Does Fluid Management haul away waste?
A  The Fluid Management program is designed to eliminate waste.

Q  Why is my coolant foamy?
A  Foaming can be caused by several factors. Some of these factors are:

    High Pressure Machining:     If you have high pressure machines you may
                                              Need to change to a coolant specially formulated for this.

    Pump Cavitation:                This occurs when your coolant level is too low and you are introducing air 
                                              into the system. You may also need to check for air leaks in your coolant delivery system.

    Nozzle Cavitation:               This occurs when your coolant nozzle is not properly matched to your pump and 
                                              you get cavitation in the tip of the nozzle

   “Water Fall”:                       This occurs when coolant falls back into your sump from too high a level. 
                                              Check for missing sump parts.

    Insufficient retention time:   If your coolant level is too low or if you have too many chips in your tank, 
                                              you will be reusing your coolant too fast thereby not  allowing it time 
                                              to break off surface foam.

Q  Why does my coolant smell?
A  Coolant odors are primarily caused by bacteria. Bacteria can be controlled by proper concentration control
    and by removing oil and particulates from the coolant and your tank.

Q  What causes dermatitis?
A  Most common causes are:
         Improper concentration control
         Metal fines and particulate in coolant irritating skin
         pH too high or too low
         Way lube oils
         Personal hygiene
         Activities at home

Q  How do you properly mix coolant?
A  When manually mixing coolant always put oil into water. To do otherwise will cause a “reverse emulsification”.
    We would recommend a proportional mixer. You will use less coolant and have a proper emulsification.

Q  Why does recycled coolant look different than new coolant?
A  Coolant picks up color from the material machined, contaminates, and chemical reactions
    (cast iron can turn some coolant brown). In addition, dyes used in coolants are depleted over time.
    None of these factors change the coolant’s performance.

Q  Are your employees trained in safety and emergency procedures?
A  Fluid Management employees are trained in and follow OSHA regulations.
   We also take the time to attend required trainings at your facility.

Q  Are your employees licensed fork lift operators?
A  Yes 

Contact Fluid Management Inc. for a discussion about how your company can start saving money on unnecessary fluid purchasing and coolant disposal.  Minneapolis, MN 612-378-2580 or click here to email us.


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