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Proposal Process

The first thing you may ask is how can I afford to have someone come in and do all of this for me? In short, how can you afford not to? If you currently pay to have your coolant disposed of and shut down production to have your operators and/or maintenance personnel do the cleaning, our program could actually save you money. Not to mention all of the other benefits involved such as; no capital equipment costs, lower disposal volumes, increased tool life and improved surface finish. All of this adds up to savings and increased production!

Let us show you what we can do for you! Call us today and we will come to your facility to work up a no cost, no obligation proposal.. Then see for yourself the benefits of a comprehensive coolant and sump system maintenance program. We won't even make you sign a contract when you decide to use our service. The benefits we bring and our quality work is all the contract we have ever needed.

Make sure that you go to the You Do The Math page to plug in your own numbers. This will give you an idea of your cost savings.


Contact Fluid Management Inc. for a discussion about how your company can start saving money on unnecessary fluid purchasing and coolant disposal.  Minneapolis, MN 612-378-2580 or click here to email us.


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